James Jiang / From Australia

Gaining some valuable insight and appreciation

1) Why did you choose NMS?

I was very fortunate to have spent 4 weeks in the Department of Neurology at Nippon Medical School hospital in Tokyo, Japan. Nippon Medical School Hospital is a tertiary hospital situated in the Tokyo metropolitan area that is one of the tertiary teaching hospitals associated with the famous private university Nippon Medical School. I chose this particular elective as I really wanted to gain some valuable insight and appreciation for neurological conditions and treatment, especially knowing that neurological conditions are major causes of morbidity and mortality in modern medicine.

2) How was your study in Japan?

The team at the department of Neurology were extremely friendly and welcoming. Every member of the team treated the patients and each other with such respect and professionalism; it was very eye-opening to witness and be immersed in the Japanese culture. Patients were equally respectful to their doctors and had tremendous trust towards their treating physician. I really got to appreciate the magnitude of cerebrovascular disease and the importance of hasty management as well as primary and secondary prevention in patients with elevated risk. Overall, as expected from a developed country, the management of patients in Japan was very evidence-based and similar to that of Australia.

3) How was your life in Japan?

Honestly, Japan is one of the best places I have visited. The diversity and quality of Japanese food is second to none while being reasonably affordable. You can never run out of things to do and see in a city like Tokyo, There are so many places you can visit for free and have a good time.
< I had the pleasure of meeting local Japanese medical students who were in their last year of their studies. This was one of the highlights of my elective as many of them were very fluent in English and we were able to exchange experiences and share our perspectives and vision over many occasions. They were very kind to take me sightseeing and invite me to their parties and Christmas dinners.

4) Any comment on NMS?

As mentioned previously, I had a very good time at the department of Neurology. In addition to this, the elective organizers at NMS were extremely helpful and provided us with very affordable dormitories adjacent to the hospital.

5) Do you have a message for people who are interested in studying at NMS?

Overall, I had a fantastic time in Tokyo and learnt to appreciate so much in terms of medicine, the delivery of health care and the unique aspects of Japanese culture. I would recommend NMS and Tokyo as an elective destination for medical students.

6) Memories of Japan:

Here is a photo of me with the medical students at NMS at a Christmas party!