Visiting Researchers and Trainees

Catalog for visiting researchers and trainees

Department and Division Clinical study and training theme・Research theme
Department of Molecular Medicine and Anatomy Basic research and clinical application of non-coding RNA
Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology Molecular and cellular histochemical study on the neuronal network about the regulation of sexual behavior, energy control and stress response, special reference to the hormone and neuronal function in the puberty onset
Department of Physiology Basic research of the retina
Department of Bioregulatory Science Basic research focussing on
  1. the non-neuronal ACh in the heart
  2. DOHaD (developmental origins of health and disease)
  3. the brain inflammatory response regulation
  4. the CRF (corticotropin releasing factor ) system
Department of Metabolism and Nutrition Molecular mechanisms of mineralization including a role of alkaline phosphatase
Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics
  1. Development of genetic screening methods for the detection of mutations and polymorphisms
  2. Development of gene therapy for genetic disease and cancer
Department of Pharmacology  
Department of Analytic Human Pathology
  1. The clinico-pathological and molecular pathological investigations of interstitial lung diseases and emphysema including experimental anima models.
  2. The mechanisms of the progression of experimental rat and mouse glomerular diseases and their treatment.
  3. The assessment of transplant immunology and transplant tolerance induction in experimental rat liver transplantation model
Department of Integrated Diagnostic Pathology
  1. Pathological and cytological diagnosis (surgical and autopsy samples).
  2. Clinicopathological investigation of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of tumors such as carcinogenesis, metastasis, drug tolerance, cancer stem cells, and cancer stroma.
  3. Proteomics and metabolomics of tumors using the FFPE tissues and cancer cell lines such as pancreatic cancer, hepatoma, colorectal cancer, and so on.
Department of Micriobiology and Immunology  
Department of Hygiene and Public Health  
Department of Legal Medicine
  1. Inspection and autopsy of unnatural death in Japan, and practice of forensic autopsy
  2. Life science of alcohol -its metabolism and effects on the body
  3. Drug analysis in forensic autopsy cases ? from autopsy to complete analysis
  4. Drug metabolism and analyses of metabolites
Department of Health Policy and Management  
Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology  
Department of Molecular Biology  
Department of Molecular Pathophysiology Molecular mechanisms of angiogenesis and angiogenesis-related diseases
Department of Bioregulation Research projects:
  1. Insulin-IRSs signaling and its physiological significance
  2. Growth hormone-IGF-I signaling and its physiological significance
  3. Parental behavior and brain net work
Department of Molecular Oncology  
Department of Cardiovascular Medicine Currently, appointments for visiting scientist and research fellow are not available in our department. We accept the medical school students who want to join the clinical clerkship of Cardiology for 1 or 2 weeks in July and August.
Department of Neurological Science  
Department of Nephrology
  1. Clinical and basic research projects related to kidney diseases and dialysis
  2. Bedside learning about kidney diseases and dialysis with our nephrology residents/fellows
Department of Allergy and Rheumatology
  1. Bedside learning experiences on patients of connective tissue diseases, rheumatic diseases, and autoimmune diseases.
  2. Clinical and basic research projects on connective tissue diseases, rheumatic diseases, and autoimmune diseases.
Department of Hematology
  1. Molecular biological research on initiation and development of hematological malignancies
  2. Cell biological research on hematological malignancies
  3. Research on tumor immunity
  4. Pathogenesis of bone marrow failure syndrome
Department of Gastroenterology  
Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism  
Department of Pulmonary Medicine and Oncology  
Department of Neuropsychiatry  
Department of Pediatrics Bed side learning of Pediatrics
Department of Clinical Radiology Inspection of pre-operative 3D-color mapping using MDCT
Department of Cutaneous and Mucosal Pathophysiology  
Department of Integrated Medical Care and Health Science  
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine  
Gastrointestinal and Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery  
Department of Breast Surgery
  1. Learn breast surgical techniques in breast conserving surgery, standard mastectomy, skin sparing mastectomy, and nipple sparing mastectomy.
  2. Learn how to use endocrine therapy, chemotherapy and molecular targeting therapy. 3. Learn breast pathology.
Department of Endocrine Surgery
  1. Evaluation and innovation of minimally invasive surgery in thyroid diseases
  2. Active surveillance of papillary thyroid microcarcinoma and investigation of its natural history
  3. Risk-adapted management of differentiated thyroid carcinoma and evaluation of patient-reported outcome
  4. Molecular diagnosis of follicular thyroid carcinoma using micro-RNA analysi
  5. Multicenter study of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma through ATCCJ (Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma research Consortium of Japan
  6. Clinical trials of multikinase inhibitors on advanced thyroid cance
  7. Intraoperative neuromonitoring in thyroid surger
  8. Innovation of novel methods for intraoperative identification of parathyroid glands
Department of Thoracic Surgery  
Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
  1. Mechanism of cardiac arrhythmias and surgical treatment
  2. Regenrative therapy in cardiovascular surgery
Department of Neurological Surgery Clinical Works
  1. Observation of surgical procedures such as multidisciplinary braintumor srugery, cerebrovascular surgery, endoscopic skull-base and pituitary surgery, spinal and peripheral nerve surgery
  2. Observation of outpatient clinic
  3. Observation of ward round
  4. Presentation at the conferences
Basic & Clinical Research
Observation and parital involvemnt in following studies
  1. Study of the endoscopic pituitary surgery
  2. Molecular biologic study of the brain tumor
  3. Medical Engineering, Robotics
Division of Orthopaedic Surgery  
Division of reproductive medicine, perinatology and gynecologic oncology Observational and animal laboratory training program for obstetric and gynaecologic laparoscopy
Department of Head & Neck and Sensory Organ Science (Otolaryngology) Clinical Sudy
  1. Practice of allergen immunotherapy; How to do it
  2. Practice of endoscopic sinus surgery; How to do it
  3. Practice of tympanoplasty; How to do it
  4. Practice of technical procedure to treatment of head & necktumor
  5. Practice of laryngeal surgery and reconstruction of swallowing
Basic study
  1. The mechanism of allergen immunotherapy
  2. The interaction between nasal fibroblast and nasal epithelial cells
  3. The reconstruction of swallowing mechanism
  4. The analysis of eye movement in vertigo
  5. The analysis of mechanism of inner ear disturbance by ear toxic drugand noise
Department of Urology  
Department of Ophthalmology  
Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine  
Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine
  1. Clinical visiting fellowship for traumatology, intensive care and/or disaster medicine of Japan
  2. Basic research of traumatology and/or intensive care
    1) Mechanism of organ failure in hemorrahgic shock
    2) Cerebral metabolim after severe traumatic brain injury
Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Clinical Works
  1. Observation of surgical procedures
  2. Observation of outpatient clinic
  3. Observation of ward round
  4. Presentation at conferences
  5. Practice of presentation
Basic Research
  1. Observation of animal experiment, cell culture and gene expression analysis
  2. Practice of basic technique of laboratory procedures