Living in Japan

Using Internet

If you use the internet in the dorm, you can use LAN for free.
If you want to make an Internet connection on campus, you need to apply for PC registration.

In Japan, Free public WiFi is not enough. In order to use the Internet with smartphones etc., SIM dedicated to Japan is necessary. If you bring SIMunlocked smartphone to Japan and contract with SIM in Japan, you can use it.
In the case of short stay, we recommend purchasing short term SIM at the airport etc. On the other hand, in case of long-term stay such as study abroad, we recommend ordinary SIM contract. You can contract a SIM with a credit card at a major electric store or the Internet.
There is a credit card that can not be used in Japan. In that case, please consult us.

When you install Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi on a smartphone, it is easy to connect free wireless WiFi and is convenient.


Earthquakes / Typhoons / Disasters

A typhoon will come from June to October. A very strong wind blows and strong rain falls. Sometimes Shinobu Street gets flooded, but the dormitory is safe so please wait at home.

We do not know when and where the earthquake will occur. When you experience for the first time, you may be very surprised and panic.
When the earthquake occur, calm down to protect yourself.

NMS has prepared manuals for emergencies, so please refer to it.