Yitong Shen / From UK

I wanted to experience what it is like working in the Japanese healthcare system and to compare healthcare between Japan and the UK

1) Why did you choose NMS?

I applied to undertake my elective placement in the Neurology department of Nippon Medical School because I wanted to experience what it is like working in the Japanese healthcare system and to compare healthcare between Japan and the UK. In addition, NMS is renowned internationally and is at the forefront of clinical research. I hoped to gain further insight into the field of Neurology in the rich academic atmosphere of NMS.

2) How was your study in Japan?

I was able to observe a wide range of interesting cases during my placement. The experience allowed me to gain a better understanding of both the acute and long-term management of neurological conditions. Morning teaching ward rounds led by the Neurology professor were an invaluable learning opportunity. In addition, I was able to discuss various aspects of healthcare as well as life in Japan with fellow NMS students and doctors. The experience provoked much thought about the influence of social and cultural factors on health and illness within a different patient demographic.

3) How was your life in Japan?

We were able to explore different historical as well as modern sights in Japan. Particular highlights included seeing the cherry blossoms in the Ueno and Shinjuku gardens. We made the most of our weekends by visiting Kyoto, Arashiyama and Lake Kawaguchiko. I was truly amazed by the stunning and contrasting natural scenery in Japan, especially the amazing views of Mount Fuji! In addition, I loved trying out Japanese food and exploring the various cuisines Japan had to offer. 

4) Any comment on NMS?

Everyone at Nippon Medical School was extremely helpful and friendly during our placement. The Neurology medical team were very approachable and made us feel welcomed. Fellow medical students were extremely willing to help translate and discuss cases with in English. In addition, staying at the Nippon dormitory was a great way to meet other international exchange students. I would like to thank everyone at NMS who made my placement so enjoyable.

5) Do you have a message for people who are interested in studying at NMS?

Nippon Medical School is a great place to come for elective placement and I would definitely recommend NMS to anyone who wants to experience healthcare in Japan and make great memories!

6) Memories of Japan:

It was amazing to see the cherry blossoms in Kyoto and to visit the Bamboo Forrest in Arahiyama. We were also truly stunned by the sights of Mount Fuji from Lake Kawaguchiko. Been taken to a Miffy cafe in Tokyo by students from NMS was also an interesting experience!